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Solutions for challenging water treatment


We offer our clients high-quality tailored solutions for industrial purposes, such as industrial water purification, reuse and recycling.

We have delivered water treatment solutions to a large variety of industries - to manufacturers of steel, paper, electronics, food and many others. All these different industries need clean and fresh water for various reasons - in some industries clean water plays a crucial part in the production itself, whilst in others, clean water is a way of being environmentally friendly. Whatever the industry may be, Watman has a tailor-made solution to your water treatment problem.

We offer solutions for the production of desalinated water, the treatment of process wastewater, the treatment of oily water and many more.

WatMan delivers the following components and entities in particular:
- Iron and manganese removal
- Alkalization and remineralization
- Softening
- Desalination
- Heavy metal removal
- Oil and grease removal
- Pressurized filtration
- Continuous washing filtration
- Flocculation
- Lamella clarification
- Flotation (DAF)
- Reverse osmosis
- Ion exchange
- Solids drying (thickening, pressing)
- Chemical dosing steam sampling
- Storage/reaction tanks
- Pressure vessels
- Pumps and pressure boosting
- Equipped totalities based on manufacturing partnerships


Some of our clients:




IDO's factory in Tammisaari, Finland