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Solutions for challenging water treatment


"Shaken, not stirred?"
"We are not bartenders but a group of water engineers. Yet our water is shaken, strirred and even squeezed. If necessary, we mix it, press it and mash it. Sounds harsh? Probably, but the result is precisely what you wish for: clear, clean and pure water."

WatMan is one of the leading suppliers of tailored water treatment systems in Finland. Since our establishment, our primary focus has been to design, manufacture and supply innovative water treatment appliances of the highest quality, for customers who demand more. Our experienced personnel ensures premium quality and customer satisfaction.

WatMan Oy designs and supplies demanding water treatment solutions for maritime industry, industry, power plants, municipalities and cities. We also offer a large variety of water treatment systems as mobile and practical container installations around the world.

WatMan Engineering, established in 1995 is Oy Pumppulohja Ab’s subsidiary. Pumppulohja is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure tanks and water filters in the Nordic countries. Pumppulohja also manufactures other water treatment instruments, drilled well, pressure boosting, drain and centrifugal pumps for both industrial and private use.

Lakers Group aqiured Pumppulohja alongside with WatMan Engineering in May 2019.